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My Passion

Having my three amazing children has given me a  great love and passion
for photography.  Not much in this world gives me more satisfaction
than capturing a stunning image of a child that takes their parents'
breath away or brings tears to their eyes.  It's truly one of my
greatest passions!  When you are having fun, what a great moment to
capture a foto. I believe in the art of photography and would love to
help you and your family begin capturing your memories!  Looking
forward to meeting you!

My Work

I strive to make your images not only just a foto but a timeless piece of art to be treasured forever.

Yearly Archives: 2009


I hope everyone has the best Christmas you could ever ask for! We have been so blessed to have 3 healthy kids and a great life with awesome family and friends as well as clients. I want you all to know that from the bottom of my heart,no matter which one you may be, I’m […]

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I promise the blog is still live, but I feel tired and numb! I’ve been up working on Christmas stuff for about a week constantly…with 2 people per day helping me….I appreciate my help!! WHEW…I’ve been up (all but 3 hours) for like 3 days working to get everyones stuff online and CARDS IN!!!! Don’t […]

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HEY GUYS! I forgot to post my Black Friday special online, becuase I was so eager to get to Lexington to stand in line for my new computers…..Oh my….I’ve never done something so crazy…We went on up to Lexington to go to Toys R Us at midnight, but we got there and the BEST BUY […]

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Congrats to my little sis Cassy!

Well, she did it today! My little sister Cassy got married. Her and Chris originally didn’t want to have a wedding, but I’m so glad they did!!! It ended up being so sweet. They got married at this little historical house called towne square place. It was so neat and the ladies who were there, […]

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Work it girl!

This is Sierra….What a beautiful young lady. She came for her first modeling portfolio shots last week…How cute is this sweet 14 year old??? She knows how to work the camera already! Watch out Hollywood!

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Sweet Baby Girls from Sweet Momma’s!

These little ones are just precious! Priceless moment…It was nice to hang with these girlies and their mommy’s at the fund raiser a couple weeks ago…Kelly, Amanda, Rachel, you all are such sweet girls…how did you all turn out so great??? LOL You all can come and help me anytime…I’d be happy to have any […]

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I haven’t blogged lately…I’m on a bad roll here…I’ll try to get back on track SOOO BUSY!!!! Let me know if you and your family need to get in for Christmas fotos!!! I’m pretty much filled, but I can try to squeeze ya in if you need a slot!!! This is a precious baby bump! […]

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Our poor little puppy died this afternoon…..

So, it’s 3:30..time for the Fund Raiser today and here comes Tausha in the front door…BLUES BEEN HIT!!! We ran down to the ditch where he laid….he couldn’t get up….I didn’t think it’d be bad but he couldn’t move….he actually bit me when I tried to pick him up…it took both of us to get […]

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Finally my new site is live!!!! It’s not completely done, but I’m working on it in my spare time LOL (whats that?) I’ve had this site since February and haven’t got it live until now….Better now than never, huh??? So, for those of you whom have galleries who haven’t ordered yet, give me a few […]

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